Brenda in Sedalia cropped and retouched.jpg
About Brenda Gaughan

Brenda Gaughan has been producing her own distinctive form of abstract and impressionistic oils since 2008, when she opened Studio 306 with metalsmith Mary Murphy.  Inspired by the complexity and nuance of both music and the natural world, her colorful, one-of-a-kind works are purposeful and candid;  offering layers of motion and emotion. 

 “When I begin a new work or series, I detach my ‘self’ and let music guide me on an artistic journey”.


Brenda enjoys seeing her paintings spark curiosity, reflection and new perspective in viewers. Her current series is inspired by the 2019 Christian Dior exhibition at Denver Art Museum. “The colors, fabrics and architecture blew me away.  I really wanted to capture the softness of the draping and the extraordinary blend of colors used in the fabrics”.

 Brenda lives in Parker with her husband Charles and their daughter Claire.   The artist and her works can be found at Studio 306; 306 Fourth Street in Castle Rock.  For appointments, please email